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Causes of Buffering in Kodi

Causes of Buffering Buffering is something that every Kodi user will encounter sooner or later. We’ve recently seen an influx of users complaining to our developers about buffering, when really this is something that’s entirely out of our hands. Kodi add-ons interface with content already made available online, they have nothing to do with the distribution of content whatsoever, however we’ve put together an explanation of why it occurs and some potential remedies to lessen your buffering woes. Please read until the very end as it’s important to understand the bigger picture and not just associate buffering with one particular cause or solution! Stream Source Slowness – sources are powered by servers, servers are connected to networks. These sources are providing free service and sometimes have limitations set in place as a result. Peak Time Congestion – certain times of day are busier on the internet than others. If you’re talking about a Sunday or Monday night, those are probably busier times for internet use in general, meaning this could affect the source’s network speed, or even your internet connection locally. Geographical Location – Believe it or not, servers have physical locations and some places on Earth aren’t as well connected as others. Depending on where you’re located, your connection to the source’s servers could be impaired. Internet Connection Speed – your internet connection might just be too slow...

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