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Many of you probably have a crush, that you are too scared to talk to.I had the same problem, when i was in school, i liked a girl, but i was too shy to go up to her, so i came up with some  tricks, that can make her like you.

Tip #1: Prepare Yourself.

Believe it or not, the right preparations can instantly turn you into a chick magnet. So, before hitting the town and looking for the perfect girl for you, make sure you are wearing trendy clothes, know where the hot spots are in your area and look as good as possible.If you do all of these things, you will automatically eliminate any potential problems from occurring in terms of your looks and ensure that girls won’t get turned off by you because of your appearance.Remember: the only guys who refuse to make the right preparations before painting the town red are the ones who are fools. Don’t be one of them and never assume that you will somehow get lucky one night, even without thinking things through first. And doing your homework on fractionation will put you ahead of 90% of the guys out there already.

Tip #2: Know The Area.

You need to be familiar where the hot spots are in your area before you head out. This would be especially important if you are new to the game. After all, if you are just experimenting on how to pick up girls right now, then the best place to do so would be somewhere nearby.All that this really means is that you have to go to as many local parties and bars as possible. Get to know the girls in your area, as well as the other people around you, so that you can practice your social skills and widen your social circle at the same time. Besides, girls tend to respond much more to guys who are social than to guys who don’t seem to know anybody else in the vicinity.

Tip #3: Show Off Your Value.

Once more people get to know you, you can start showing off your value to a girl that you like. Even if you think that a girl is way out of your league, you can win her over. You just need to start by hiding the fact that you find her intimidating to begin with.To do this, turn the tables around and somehow make her feel outmatched. Most of the time, this merely has something to do with your own mindset. If you believe that you are a valuable guy, then she will believe it, too. Also, avoid looking desperate and clingy; this will only turn her off more than anything else.

Tip #4: Bring Your A-Game.

Before approaching a girl, it would also be important to be as confident as possible – fake it if needed. Even if you have never spoken to that girl before, just start talking to her with a smile on your face and she will find you friendly and approachable enough to carry on a conversation with. It would help to maintain strong eye contact while you talk to her, too.Also, make sure you ask a lot of questions (or run multiple conversation threads). Girls happen to love talking about themselves… and this is before you pull the fractionation trick, of course. She will then be all over you like white on rice, guaranteed.

Tip #5: Build Up Some Suspense.

Another great way to get a girl exactly where you want her is to build up some suspense. Girls love suspense and drama by nature, so you have to offer those things up to them whenever you can. By building up some suspense, you can actually get any girl attracted to you and get her to stay by your side like a bee to honey.
These were only first five steps to make a girl instantly like you more. Hope you enjoyed, and good luck huntin’!!!

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