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Messages are sent out in more ways than one. Body language is one of them.
Isn’t it cool if you know how to interpret body language? By then, you can tell how a person feels towards you in particular. Or even with the absence of words, you still get the message. To help you read the signs, here are ways to comprehend body gestures.
There are elements that you have to take into account if you want to interpret body gestures. And they are poise, body contact and eye contact.
Visual Connection
Among the others, this particular aspect is regarded as the most powerful. It may be direct or indirect, and duration varies from short to long.
However, looking at a person straight in the eyes for sometime may be perceived as staring. Take note, this can be uneasy for the other person.
Furthermore, a person who is at ease with whoever he is conversing with can maintain visual connection without any problem. Contradict to this, anyone who is afraid or guilty finds eye to eye contact a very uncomfortable and difficult thing to do.
Your bearing and posture has a lot to say about you, specifically with how you regard yourself. Are you confident? In addition, body languages of people talking to each other decipher the chemistry they have together. To establish better rapport together, share similar body language.
At certain times, people display natural ease with their movements. In spite of this, you may also want to know of any other posture that bolsters one’s self-esteem. Pay close attention to a person who is under pressure. See how he or she sits, stands or moves.
Indeed, proper poise is efficient. In doubt of this? Why don’t you give it a try the next time you feel down and forlorn. In such times, you stand or sit up straight, chin up and act as if you are not afraid to tackle anything. As a result, you will feel just like it. It is quite amazing actually.
Body Contact
If you do not want to be referred to as the agressive sort of person, then do not shake hands too hard or crush the other person’s hand. The ideal handshake and deemed as proper is firm, while a weaker shake hand is said to convey how a weakling the person may be. Yes, handshakes tell different opinions about you as it is the most practiced form of body contact.
Understandably, individuals who grew up in a culture wherein body contact is apprehended as normal are more accepting and open to it. Therefore, make sure that your partner or whoever it is you are dating with is all right with body contact.
Basically, the male and the female species respond and react to body languages in varied ways. Hence, it is important that you know how to suit your movements based on whom you are dealing with. Otherwise, you may unknowingly and unintentionally harm certain relationships.
And lastly, try to pay attention to other’s body language and decipher what it’s telling. Can you tell if a person likes you or not? Or after seeing two people together, can you tell how close they are relating with each other?
Interpret body language, see past the signs.

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