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When you start dating the amazing woman you like so much for the first time, You begin to see the world as a colorful, wonderful place to live in. The joy of getting to know each other and finding out what she likes.

And if things turn out good, then it’s time for a second date!

This time, you feel closer to her.

Like the world revolves around the two of you. You sing with her even though you really don’t sing.You talk about stuff like the upcoming movies, adventures, and food you two would like to try.

You feel excited! You think you can do everything.

because you’re madly in love!

The flow of the relationship is great. Everything seems fine.

And there’s that one day…

You seem to notice that something’s changing, something’s not right.

You ask yourself:

Did I do something wrong?

Why is she avoiding me? Why is her attitude suddenly change?

She becomes cold and distant, no longer answers your calls and texts. You ask her to go out but she’s making excuses.

Whether you like it or not, the cold heart truth of life is that you can’t always control things the way it supposed to be.

 As I have observed in the dating game, there is a pattern you must know. There’s nothing wrong in chasing a woman when you know when to chase.


After all, Men are hunters. There are times that you should know these signs to save your heart:

Her attitude is different, it’s not the same anymore

Have you ever notice that the way she treats you is different? She’s no longer connected to you on a deeper level. She’s talking like you’re just some kind of friend. Chances are she’s putting you on a friend zone land my friend.

When you start to get attach with someone, You become a Yes man!. who always agrees on everything she does. The are of saying No is no longer in your dictionary. You became like a puppy to her.

She never post something about you together on social media

 Why? It’s because she likes attention of course! Especially on guys. You think you’re the only guy she’s dating? NO!

When she start posting pictures or statuses about you together then her likes on Facebook will dramatically fall. Other guys will no longer chase her. It’s a sad life for her.

She’s been hanging out with her friends a lot more than you

In a relationship, you must know that it’s important to know how you balance your time. If she spends more quality time with her friends than you, then it just means you’re not her priority.

But there are couple of reasons. Talk to her and find out. If  it doesn’t work out, then it’s time for plan B…Move on!

 The ‘let’s take it slow’ phrase she means

  It just means she’s not into you in the first place. You’re a nice guy, I like you to be around, she said. But that’s all.

She’s not even sure on her own feelings that’s why she likes to play mind games and stuff. Stay away from this! She’s a manipulative girl you’re wasting your time.

 She no longer calls or texts you

 It’s just common sense when you text she must respond. It’s your job to text first of course! But when she starts to ignore your replies or always takes to long to respond, then there must be a problem, she got bored!

 She’s doesn’t want to introduce you to her family

  You’re dating for too long and yet she doesn’t want to introduce you to her parents. Well… you’re not special. You’re just some guy she’s hanging around with.

 You’re no longer connected to yourself

You became weak. You’re longer connected to you mission. As a man, we live by our goals, it’s who we are.

A right woman will help you find that burning passion. She’s the source of inspiration not a burden. That’s why “Every successful man has a great woman behind.

In the end, She’s not worth it man!

 Save your heart and move on. Keep in mind, that she’s a lesson for you. And not every woman you’ll meet is the same, like the one who treated you like trash.

You’ll soon meet the right woman!..

…And that woman who deserves you. The one who will value you. The one who will nurture you. It will take some time.

But I promise, It will be the best thing that will ever happen to you. And you’ll never have to worry about dating again.


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